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When Cuteness Kills

As Photographers we all have our favorite clients. What?!! Say it isn't so? True story. We have those clients that we still pinch ourselves wondering, Did I just get paid for that?. For me, that is every time I work with one of my preschools.

Yep, it's true. Where some photographers shriek and go running from the snot-nosed, cornered cuties with stains of questionable origins on their shirts, I get punch-drunk with excitement! It's like being grandma to 80 kids without having the wrinkles and cataracts to go with it. Score!

So here we arrive at the fun, friendly and beach tan trendy, San Clemente Preschool. I mean, even these kids name's are uber cool. Slap that on these little cutie pop packages and just call me Granny!

Their cuteness just kills me sometimes...


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