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Natalie's Story of Hope

August 2014, as a single mother of three children (16, 14, and 10yrs old), working 6 long days a week as an Autism Specialist, our world came to a screeching halt, when the lump in my breast was confirmed stage 4 metastatic breast cancer that had spread to my spine. After radiation on my spine, it was decided that since I was in advanced stage 4, I was not a candidate for surgery.

The oncologist prescribed a hormone inhibitor to see how the tumors respond before we go down the chemotherapy route. The inhibitor worked to slow the tumor growth. Since the diagnosis, I have had a radical hysterectomy, I take monthly Zometa drip treatments for my spine, and I take daily an aromatase inhibitor.

Our life changed drastically with the cancer diagnosis. Because I do not have the cancer gene, I knew my cancer was a result of my environment. Not knowing what part of my environment needed changing, we just drastically changed everything, hoping something would make a difference. We moved a week after diagnosis because I suspected our home was toxic with mold.

Stress is the number one factor to cancer spreading, so I was taken off work. I am on disability due to my fractured spine from cancer. You could say my dream to be a stay-at-home mother came true and I was able to move back to the Murrieta we love, where my children went to school. We also changed our lifestyle with adding more exercise, eating cleaner, as well as, actively managing stress with yoga, reiki, and meditation.

Many blessings come to our family and we live in gratitude every day. We are so excited and grateful to have our family portraits taken for the first time in 10 years. It means the world to me and will document this time in our family’s life. Thank you Jane’s Studios and Sarah Reid for making it happen. A special thanks to the brave women like Sarah’s mother, who were courageous pioneers, taking a chance to advance medicine to find a cure by participating in trials. We honor them and will always be grateful.

Thank you!

The Flute Family

Natalie, Jovan, Juliana, and Sophia Flute