Prepare Ahead


Before your Session


  • Wash your face twice a day in the weeks leading up to your session, and be sure to exfoliate your face 3-5 days prior to your session.  Please don’t be concerned about skin breakouts, we've got you covered!

  • Arrive at your session with a freshly cleaned and moisturized face, if you are having your makeup professionally done.

  • Ensure that your eyebrows have been waxed at least one week prior to your session (Do not wax them the day of or the day prior to your session)

  • If you are applying your own makeup, keep in mind that eye colors should be matte.  Even though you may wear shimmery shadow on a daily basis, anything shiny or shimmery tends to look oily on photographs.  Mascara is a must, and don’t be shy!!!

  • Lips – Natural or vivid? Either works, but try starting with a slightly colored neutral tone for the first half of the photo session, then turn it up for vivid color!  Avoid super shiny lip glosses since the reflections can be difficult to photograph. If you don't wear lipstick or gloss at all, bring your chapstick. Dry lips are a no-no

  • Don’t forget your nails! Ensure your nails are at their best by getting or giving yourself a fresh manicure prior to your session – the best looks are either natural, French, or nude.

  • Be sure to get your hair trimmed – and colored touched up if needed – approximately 1 week prior to your session.

Before your Session

  • Mineral make up looks amazing in person, but the high reflective qualities make your face appear flat or causes shine and glare which causes the skin to appear oily. Try a matte foundation and powder for a flawless face. 

  • Don’t tan for at least 1 week prior to your session (any type) too much color flattens your skin in pictures and can look splotchy, orange, and add weight.​

  • Don’t bring wrinkled clothes to your session. Iron and hang them up to bring with you.

  • If there are areas that you are uncomfortable with, don’t bring clothes that draw attention to those areas – for example, if you do not ‘love’ your arms, do not bring strapless or sleeveless items.